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multi-layered curtain - acoustic curtain
Multi-layered separation drapes for multi-purpose office
Acoustic multi-layered curtain set-up for the M+ Museum

Multi-layered curtain

Our specially developed separation curtains are the ideal solution to reduce noise transmission. The heavy and yet flexible lining has great insulating properties, while the outer top layer(s) not only give this multi-layered curtain its luxurious appearance but also contribute to better room acoustics.


ShowTex offers several fabrics to be used as a visual top layer. Opt for Velours Paris CS to stay on track with the measured acoustic results or change to alternative fabrics according to your aesthetic preference.
All suggested fabrics are inherently flame retardant, subject to minimal shrinkage and have sound-absorbing properties.


The airtight Acoustic Lining is a composite textile that is sufficiently heavy to reduce sound transmission, but still flexible enough to sew into a curtain, as a result of its specific composition.