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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Holographic Mirrors

Vilvoorde, Belgium
فبراير 2011

VMMa, the parent company of Belgian commercial TV channels VTM, 2BE, JIM & Vitaya, and radio stations Q-Music & JoeFM launched their spring programming for 2011. The show featured 2 Glassless GiantMirrors, each measuring 10m x 4.5m, manufactured by ShowTex.
The set up of the mirrors made it possible for the presenter to walk in between them and become part of the projected images. Spectators, seated on both sides of the stage, looked through one stage mirror to see the presenter standing in the middle. The viewing angle and lighting effects with the mirrors, allowed both sides of the audience to view the projections simultaneously without seeing what took place on the other side of the stage.

A simple concept that produced extraordinary effects.

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