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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Johannesburg, South africa
ديسمبر 2013

Every year, ShowTex South Africa has its hands full during the building up of the Johannesburg International Motor Show. For this edition, ShowTex covered a variety of stand ceilings in GobelinTulle, PolyStretch and StretchTulle.

Custom-printed FP XL Mesh mounted on 5m high truss walls helped create a scenic environment for visitors to relax. Projection and printed Cotton Mesh were creatively combined for product presentations and stylish light boxes were designed using RP Off-White.

Throughout the show, ShowTex’s famous AutoReveal was used to launch multiple new car models. For the BMW stand a massive reveal box was constructed and hoisted using HiSpeed 8000 for maximum impact.

Additional products such as black Molton curtains mounted on ShowPipe railsystems and 85 meters long DekoMolton drapes were also used to present the most luxurious car brands in style.