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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

استوديو فيروي

The Netherlands
أكتوبر 2012

During De Hallen Haarlem’s presentation of Studio Verwey, five artists showed their recent work: Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Tomoko Kawachi, Tala Madani, Derk Thijs and Sarah Verbeek.

ShowTex supplied the white Spaghetti string curtains used as open room dividers in the exhibition’s design. Six rooms created six different conditions for artwork to be displayed. The conditions ranged from a completely open space to a completely closed space, a ‘white cube’, with several stages of translucency in between. The six conditions refer to the different stages in the lifespan of an artwork: from the creation in the studio, the exhibition in a museum, to finally the storage in a depot. The exhibition questions whether a museum can in fact be a studio or whether it is actually a depot.

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