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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

150 Years Solvay

October 2013

Solvay Chemicals Group celebrates its 150th anniversary with an impressive and fully customized spectacle, "Odyseo, the chemistry of dreams", presenting the wonderful and mysterious world of chemistry.

Specialists and suppliers worldwide were involved in the event. No less than 47 artists from all over the world took part in this massive production, but the Belgian input was also significant.

ShowTex created a stunning 10m high laser-cut stage cloth serving as the setting for the acrobats. The 7m diameter fabric tube, consisting of multiple layers of Molton CS and LaserVoile, created beautiful light effects. The elegant design was cut out with millimeter precision. With the most advanced laser technology in the industry ShowTex guarantees precise rendering of your CAD and Vector designs in a variety of curtain fabrics.

The company Solvay was founded in 1873 by the brothers Ernest and Alfred Solvay. Nowadays Solvay is active in 55 countries with over 29.000 employees worldwide.

Project credits

Solvay for 150 years anniversary of the company
Y. Van Lancker for Y. Services