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Dok Gent Acoustic Wool Serge Panne Curtains
Dok Gent Acoustic Wool Serge Panne Curtains
Dok Gent Acoustic Wool Serge Panne Curtains

Dok Noord

Ghent, Belgium
يوليو 2017

Dok Noord in Ghent is a large-scale renovation project that transforms the Oude Dokken, an old dock area of 60 hectares, into a mixed residential-business area that stands out by its historical character. ShowTex used flexible curtains made of Wool Serge Panne to create a stylish office space with optimal acoustics.

The Oude Dokken are given a new destination with a sense of authenticity. The former ACEC factories are upgraded to a new place for living and working in a green and light environment. An ambitious and flagship initiative such as this, where old and new meet, presents the associated challenges. Sound quality is one of them.

The architects Vandecasteele and Vanhooren called upon ShowTex to optimise the acoustics of the offices occupied by Axiom Consulting Partners. They were looking for a versatile textile solution that offered both aesthetic and functional possibilities. ShowTex installed several acoustic curtains made of light grey Wool Serge Panne, a sound-dampening and flame-retardant fabric. Wool Serge is available in different weights, it has the ideal weaving pattern to improve the acoustics in a room and it is made of recycled wool. This eco-friendly textile more than deserves the ECO by ShowTex label.

ShowTex attached the curtains to Compact Plus, a compact and almost invisible rail system, providing the ideal combination between versatility and functionality on the one hand and aesthetics and elegance on the other hand. The sliding doors used to create privacy within the room are also clad with the same Wool Serge Panne. The entire project perfectly fits in the historical environment of the docks and gave the building the perfect fresh but still warm look it was so desperately craving for.

A RollUp of 300 x 400 cm with remote control makes the office even more versatile. The roll-up screen is installed above a window and backed with black lining to block out the light as extra feature. Ideal for presentations!

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