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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Splash Rock 'n' Fashion

Dubai, UAE
أكتوبر 2011

ShowTex Middle East supplied a U-shaped red Fashion Floor and a giant GobelinTulle backdrop for the highly anticipated and most fashionable event of the year in Dubai, the Splash Rock ‘n’ Fashion Show.

The stage and the actual backstage were only divided by a 32 m wide and 11 m high grey GobelinTulle sharkstooth scrim from ShowTex. The stage gauze became semi-transparent depending on the lighting which made it the ideal fabric for appearing and disappearing acts. During the fashion show it was also used for dynamic projections and a colorful laser light display.

At the end of the show the large scale GobelinTulle backdrop installed on an 18 m wide HiSpeed 8000 system developed by ShowTex transformed into an Venetian curtain. ShowTex Middle East added vertical lift lines into the back of the scrim and attached mini pulleys to the trusses to lift the drape smoothly.

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