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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Set design with hand-painted cyclorama by ShowTex
Set design with textiles by ShowTex

Cyclorama magic brings Cinderella to life

Montréal, Canada
يونيو 2024

In the world of theatrical productions, every element plays a crucial role in bringing a story to life. To revive the classic fairy tale of Cinderella, over 35 fire-rated stage curtains were used to set the scene. Can you spot them all?

The versatility of Cyclo

The team at Place des Arts in Montréal used versatile stage canvas to paint the scenes of the ballet and immerse its audience in the 18th-century world of the story. A well-considered choice, because opting for paint instead of print ensured the true authenticity of the play.

Along with the amazing dancers of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, the classic painted drapes and set designs take all spectators through the different scenes and stories. The walls of hand-painted cotton, for example, recreate the house of Cinderella’s father. The intricate detail painted on the cyclorama fabric adds depth and richness to the décor, enhancing the overall experience.

Another stunning display of craftsmanship was achieved through gold leaf paint on the Cyclo 200, transforming the palace for the magical night of the ball. The creation of a theatrical curtain illusion, a gold stage velvet, adds a touch of luxury and grandeur that couldn't have been replicated through print.

Unlocking extra magic with the power of scenic elements

By now, the audience understands that there is always more than what meets the eyes. A set as grandiose as this one would not be possible without a few extra scenic elements such as Molton masking fabric and decorative Satinac drapes. The scene where Cinderella’s Godmother appears also uses a super thin stage net, mounted with thousands of metallic squares. The result? A stunning night sky full of stars!

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