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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Black-and-white printed fabrics for theme park spectacle
Black-and-white printed backdrop for theme park
Immersive projections on theming fabrics at Puy du Fou
Painted masking for theme park performance

Printed theming fabrics at Puy du Fou

أبريل 2024

Step inside a real-life black-and-white film at theme park Puy du Fou, where printed theming fabrics and masking drapes bring a mute spectacle to life.

Printed backdrop sets the tone

Great news for the black-and-white movie lovers, at theme park Puy du Fou you can now experience one in real life! During their latest show Mime et l’Étoile, print fabrics take center stage, completely immersing you in a black-and-white film setting, from the façades of houses to even the printed speaker cloths on stage. And as if the high-resolution prints weren’t enough to create that old movie feel, projection on the fabrics add to the scene by showing off stars and subtitles. Next level immersive experience!

Painted masking fabrics top it off

Who says masking needs to be boring, the stage designers thought, and they proved their point by turning the black Molton into the finishing touch of the stage. Painting a white, ornamental frame on the black duvetyn fabric enhances the nostalgic film feel, while hiding backstage areas, unwanted cabling and lighting. Win-win!

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