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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Ultra-fast reveal system shows off its skills at car show
Backlit car show sheer decorations
Silk cover fabric for car presentation
Trevira Voile decoration for corporate event

Reveal systems shine at Auto Shanghai

Shanghai, China
أكتوبر 2023

Turning your car reveal into a visual spectacle? At Auto Shanghai, ShowTex’s reveal systems took car launches to a whole new level. And they needed just one push of a button.

Flashing car reveal in the blink of an eye

Engines roaring, lights flashing, a silver glossy fabric teasingly covering Audi’s latest car model. As the fabric reflects the spotlights, it attracts every visitor's eye. This promises to be a car premiere one won’t forget. And snap! Suddenly, HiSpeed Reveal pulls up the silky drape, uncovering the latest Audi F1. A magical reveal that left the audience speechless! Audi turns out to be a real fan of the super swift reveal system, because the car brand has been using it for multiple years in a row on motor shows.

A little further down the motor show venue, more vehicles are ready to be unveiled. People can’t help but applaud as AutoReveal teasingly pulls away the silver silk cloth, uncovering a BYD sports car. Speaking of varying reveal options.

Eco-friendly motor show solutions

The car brands made sure to add a green touch to their product launches by using both rental solutions and reusing previously bought fabrics and curtain hardware by ShowTex. Moreover, by opting for Satinac as a covering cloth, the organization consciously chose one of the “Eco by ShowTex” fabrics. This range of products incorporates methods to reduce and recycle waste or lower the overall use of harmful chemicals in the production process. Innovation meets sustainability.

Decorative sheers dress up the venue

Mercedes went for a different approach in presenting their latest car models by opting for versatile decorative fabrics. In comes Voile CS. Lighting the Trevira sheer fabric with colourful spotlights resulted in a venue bathing in colour. A unique way to put your latest product in the picture.

On the outlook for a reveal system for your motor show or car launch?

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