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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

light diffusing textiles by ShowTex
light diffusing textiles by ShowTex
light diffusing textiles by ShowTex

Light-diffusing fabrics immerse the scene

The Hague, The Netherlands
يونيو 2023

How do you bring your stage to life when the main character is completely MUTE? At The National Theatre of The Hague, HNTjong found the secret recipe: a clever combination of colourful lighting and PVC diffuser fabric.

Light-diffusing projection materials

With a protagonist that is completely silent, the scenographer of theatrical production MUTE had to come up with a new way to convey communication on stage. Opting for a welded twin projection screen, mounted in a 3D structure resulted in a sober and minimalist décor.

By illuminating the diffuser fabric from behind, a beautiful even light spread fills the stage, immersing it in colourful glooms. A unique and effective way to translate the character’s relationships and emotions to the young audience of teenagers. Minimalist backdrops boring? Never!

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