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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Sensory expo experience using immersive projections on gauze
Immersive projection mapping on grey scrims
Walk-through exhibition with cutouts and 360° projections

Immersive projection mapping on scrim

Lenzburg, Switzerland
فبراير 2023

For the exhibition “Nature. Und wir?” (Nature. And us?), Stapferhaus showcased an immersive, sensory experience through projected images. What better material than Tulle Aymond Mini to generate these captivating projection effects?

See-through immersive projections

How do you bring nature and all its aspects together into one exhibition space? How about projecting it onto a see-through scrim? At Natur und wir, the imagery shapes an otherworldly 360° installation through which visitors can actually walk, thanks to clever cut-outs in the projection mesh.

Whenever you’re projecting onto gauze, the light both reflects off the fabric and shimmers through. This results in the ultimate immersive experience, as projections hit all layers of tulle at this expo venue.

Balancing transparency and projection

Since Tulle Aymond Mini has a unique width of 900 cm, no seams interfere with the projected images, even on the larger pieces. On top of that, the fine honeycomb structure of the netting guarantees the most accurate reflections.

Opting for a grey projection fabric is the perfect balancing act between black and white, giving you the best of both worlds. As the tulle is almost invisible in darker rooms, it is great for holographic effects. But light it up and you’ll see it becomes very visible. Using this technique to subtly divide the space is such a creative way to smoothly guide visitors through the interactive experience!

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