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Wide Wool Serge drape dresses up international expo Triennale di Milano
Durable wool dresses up international expo Triennale di Milano
Wool serge drape masks walls with clever cut-outs as - unique expo design

Wool Serge drape for expo Triennale di Milano

Milan, Italy
يناير 2023

Wool Serge showed off its decorative skills at the official Dutch contribution to the 23rd International Exhibition at Triennale di Milano.

The versatility of Wool Serge

With “Have we met? Humans and Non-humans on Common Ground”, Het Nieuwe Instituut (The New Institution) partook to this year’s edition of the international exposition in Milan. On the lookout for an opaque curtain that met the flame-retardancy requirements of the venue, the inherently flame-retardant fabric Wool Serge Colour turned out the ideal solution to shape the expo.

Using a fabric no less than 51,5 meters wide, the durable wool masked all the walls of the pavilion, only uncovering specific places with clever cut-outs. Even better than just being a decorative asset to the design, the extra-wide drape adds to the acoustics of the venue. Although no common display fabric, Wool Serge certainly proved its versatility.

Award-winning expo design

Themed “Unknown Unknowns: An Introduction to Mysteries”, Triennale di Milano examined “what we don’t know, we don’t know” through exhibitions, installations and special projects. The Dutch Pavilion promotes new ways for understanding our planet as a shared space for plants, microbes, humans and other animals. Studio Ossidiana designed the Dutch contribution to this international exhibit, for which ShowTex delivered the expo fabrics.

A design that wasn’t left unnoticed, since the Dutch Pavilion won this edition’s Golden Bee Award. Speaking of award-winning scenography!

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