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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Artist reveal using HiSpeed Reveal systems and mind-stirring Spinnaker textiles

Artist reveal at Malumas touring concert

North America
نوفمبر 2022

Being a Latin-pop music phenomenon is a good start, but what makes the crowds really go wild is unveiling said artist on stage using four swift reveal systems.

Reveal systems set the tone

Stage lights flicker behind four translucent curtains surrounding the stage, mysteriously hiding all that is behind. As the audience catches glimpses of their favourite artist’s silhouette, suspension arises. The music swells, as well as the screams of fans, reaching their peak when the 4 unveiling systems swiftly pull away all XL cloths.

Suspended at an impressive 12 meters above the stage, the HiSpeed Reveal rolls up the lightweight fabrics at dazzling speeds, revealing singer Maluma for his opening act. The tone of the concert is set with just one push of a button!

Touring-proof stage fabrics

Show after show, fans squeal as the singer is introduced with the power reveal duo. With the Spinnaker fabric being lightweight and the reveal hardware being compact and easy to mount, the whole set turned out to be easy to transport and perfect for a touring concert like this.

The fans’ decibels proved that the Maluma reveal act is a great success.
Want to create an opening act that leaves a lasting impression?

Get creative with HiSpeed Reveal

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