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Woollen acoustic curtains and sheer stage props
Woollen acoustic curtains and sheer stage props
Woollen acoustic curtains and sheer stage props

Acoustic wool turns former prison into performance venue

Breda, The Netherlands
سبتمبر 2021

Thanks to decorative sheers and acoustic wool, the former dome prison of Breda transformed into a unique performance venue.

Woollen acoustic curtains

Transforming an old prison building into a fully operational theatre comes with quite some acoustic challenges. Black wool turned out to be the right solution to tackle this. By covering the wall behind the grandstand with this sound-absorbing material, the sound reverberation could be reduced significantly!

Sheer stage props

Based on an idea by choreographer Stanley Burleson, 2 LaserVoile drapes steal the show on stage. By attaching the 10-meter-long sheer curtains to long tubes, they served as elegant see-through flags. The lightweight sheers whirl and dance through the air as the performers run around with them on stage. A simple but mesmerizing effect. Especially in combination with light, as the waving flags make the scene disappear for part of the public while keeping it visible for others. The magical mix of lighting and fabric.

Any location can be transformed into a theatre when you select the right venue fabrics.

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