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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Decorative ceiling cloths for theme park performance
Custom printed stage decorations for theme park theatre
Decorative ceiling coverings for theme park performance
Custom printed stage decorations for theme park theatre

Custom-printed theming fabrics for Puy Du Fou

Toledo, Spain
أغسطس 2021

With the opening of their Toledo venue, amusement park Puy Du Fou invites visitors to a brand-new historic spectacle filled with printed banners, decorative ceiling cloths and masking drapes.

Cyclo ceiling covers decorate the theatre venue

The show ‘A Pluma y Espada’ proves once again why theme park Puy Du Fou is so famous for its historical theatre experiences. From decorative printed flags to cotton ceiling cloths draped above the crowd, the scenographers thought of every little detail while creating this historical stage production. By sewing fabric patches onto the drapes, the ceiling covers got an ancient look to match the atmosphere of the spectacle.

All around the stage, custom printed flags decorate the set. Some of them are even functional as well, as they cleverly cover up the speakers with no effect on sound quality. Such a creative acoustic solution!

Masking fabrics to keep out light

Mounted on aluminium pipes, over 2000m² of masking fabrics are used as stage borders and legs to hide unwanted spotlights, windows or projectors. Being an inherently flame-retardant fabric, Molton CS is the perfect blackout material to use in a public theatre venue like this.

Decorative ceiling cloths and prints can be the finishing touch to your theme park spectacle. But there’s so much more you can do with theming fabrics.

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