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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Green key conference room

Dubai, UAE
مارس 2021

Chromakey cyclorama drapes, mounted in print frames, turned this conference room into an impressive live studio. Time to take your online meetings to the next level too.

One of the leading health care providers, with a regional headquarters in Dubai, opted for a unique makeover of its conference room. Entirely dressing the space in chromakey cloths turned it into an actual live demo room!

With all walls covered in inherently flame-retardant cyclorama fabrics and a green key carpet on the floor, the studio is now perfectly equipped for digital meetings or live product demos. Employees from branches around the world can easily tune in and watch digital content being mapped onto the green key surfaces. Such a step forward!

Dress up your studio with green and blue key fabrics to make a statement during your next digital event.