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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

49th UAE National Day

Abu Dhabi, UAE
ديسمبر 2020

By dressing the inside of a gigantic rotating cube with masking drapes and projection surfaces, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) transformed a kinetic light sculpture into an immersive piece of art.

Artist and designer Es Devlin knows exactly how to make a statement. A giant rotating cube sculpture surrounded by water and illuminated by projections on all sides, shows the evolution of the UAE over the past 49 years. Using high-quality projection screens on all sides of the cube, the stunning visuals really stood out.

A layer of masking drapes behind the screens makes the entire setup even more special, as the 100 tonnes structure seems to magically float on the water when the inside turns fully black. A spectacular sight from every angle.

Playful setups with rollup systems result in stunning light effects

Inside the cube, extra-wide RollUp systems allow the screens to move up and down during the whole performance, transforming the largest openings into projection surfaces when dropped. High-quality light effects show the growth and transformation of a seed into a beautiful flower, being a metaphor for the journey of the UAE over the last 49 years. In between acts, the screens are raised to make the inside of the cube structure pitch black. Such a stunning performance!

The UAE surely knows how to celebrate their national day. Want to make an impression using projection surfaces, but unsure how to get started?


They are happy to assist.