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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Silversquare Bailli

Brussels, Belgium
ديسمبر 2020

Enter the paradise of productivity and happiness, the urban jungle of printed textiles. Experience nature taking over with the buzzing of concentration and the tapping of productive people. Let’s decorate your coworking space with print fabrics that drive motivation.

Printed textiles spice up your room

Welcome to Silversquare Bailli, a prestigious coworking space where productivity and happiness go hand in hand. Fabrics printed with beautiful designs from KRJST studio spice up the room and instantly boost your mood. From printed velvet chair covers to custom printed partitions, the whole room exudes an urban jungle atmosphere.

Exquisite designs deserve a high-quality image reproduction, and the right printing technique is essential for that. Just rely on the printing experts at ShowTex to make your colours stand out beautifully.


Stunning upholstery, acoustic bliss

A pleasant working environment boosts your productivity, and the acoustics of your office are key for that. That’s why all fabrics used in this coworking space have a positive impact on its sound: from the lighter sheer decoration, to the thick velvet upholstery of the sofas. No matter how many people work in your office, the mix of acoustic fabrics will audibly reduce the ambient noise.

Another important factor in creating a nice work atmosphere is safety. That’s why all used fabrics are inherently flame-retardant, allowing co-workers to focus on getting their jobs done.

Silversquare proves that better room acoustics don’t need to result in a boring interior. Let’s turn your coworking space into a stunning, soundproof area.


Not sure how to get started on improving the acoustics of your room?