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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Art Hour

Malines, Belgium
سبتمبر 2020

Experiencing 32 masterpieces of art in a unique 60-minute timeframe, that’s what The Art Hour is all about. With masking drapes, life-size projections and perfectly timed curtain movements, the exhibition strives to create a brand new and accessible form of experiencing art. How to guide visitors through your gallery in an original way? Discover the power of blackout curtains!

Mask your walls with black expo drapes

The exhibition takes place in a former 13th-century chapel, which is divided into three separate art rooms using black curtains. Even the walls are fully covered in masking drapes, to be able to display and highlight the paintings without any disturbing reflections. It’s a great way to make the artworks stand out even more!

The visitor-experience is also enhanced by life-size projections of celebrities who tell an anecdote about every single piece of art. Black Molton doesn’t only serve as a wall covering or blackout solution over here, it’s a surprisingly nice projection surface as well!

Discover the versatility of Molton curtains



Perfectly timed curtain opening

To divide the exhibition space in three, more black curtains are attached to an electric Compact Plus rail system, which is fully programmed to move to the audiotape. This way, the curtains open or close automatically and at exactly the right time, allowing visitors to smoothly flow from one room to the other. An original way of creating an intense and captivating art experience.

How to bring an art gallery to life in a theatrical way?

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