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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

MAAT Museum

Lisbon, Portugal
يوليو 2020

Entering a museum through its secret back door surely sets the tone for the rest of your visit. Add a stunning display of fabric structures and you're in for a unique discovery. Welcome to the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT).

Colourfully printed stretch fabric

Visitors of the Beeline exhibit, truly can't miss the bright green entrance made out of colourfully printed stretch fabric. Especially when combined with Keder Profile, PolyStretch P8 CS is the perfect material for building stunning 3D structures and all kinds of organic shapes. It stretches seamlessly up to almost 5m wide!


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Fabric partitions and temporary divider walls

The museum's interior is fully transformed into a series of textile corridors, elevated walkways and exhibition areas divided by a bright mix of display fabrics. Wondering which is the best profile for building the skeleton of such a construction? In Lisbon, they went for the sleek aluminium Print Frame Double.

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See-through materials for a mysteriously chic look

All around the exhibit, New York-based architecture firm SO-IL mounted various colours of Voile CS on both sides of the frames to create stylish see-through museum partitions. It's a smart way of ensuring enough transparency to trigger curiosity and just enough opacity to not give away everything at once! Voile CS is also a safe choice for any public space, as the sheers are made from permanently flame-retardant yarn. 

Organic shapes covered in stretch fabric 

Mixing different materials allows you to create a dynamic and textured design. That's why MAAT chose to cover the more organically shaped structures in ShowTex StretchTulle. This open-weave material offers a lot of flexibility and works extremely well with projection and lighting. On top of that, the elastic mesh has a no-sew finish, which allows you to reuse one single piece for different applications and shapes. Over and over again!

Further down the exhibition, serene divider walls out of ClearScreen Frost blur images while still transmitting light. This mat PVC foil is an excellent diffuser fabric that perfectly reproduces the look of a foggy window. Especially with plants shining through, the lightweight foil almost looks like real frosted glass!



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