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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Goodbye Norma Jeane

مارس 2020

A musical that brings back to life the icon of Marilyn Monroe calls for an equally powerful set-design. No better way to highlight the versatility of Voile CS, than creatively draped sheers on stage!

Flame-retardant & translucent stage fabric

Inspired by Marilyn’s elegantly swirling dress, set designer Joris van Veldhoven chose white Voile CS to create a striking scene with similar dynamics. The translucent fabric is gracefully draped using tubes and serves as the sole centrepiece of the musical stage. A truly artistic way to create a grand effect with limited materials. Elegant, playful and easy for touring!

Projection on transparent voile

Taking the audience back in time? Simply by projecting historical images of Marilyn Monroe onto the sheers. Lighting and transparent fabrics are a great match to create unique effects. No better material than inherently flame-retardant Voile CS to demonstrate that.


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