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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Pop-up Globe

Perth, Australia
ديسمبر 2019

Ever wondered how crowds enjoyed the masterpieces in the days of Shakespeare? Find out for yourself in the world's first fully printed, life-size replica of the iconic pop-up Globe.

Printed textile? This theatre almost looks like a book!

The first thing that catches your eye is the massive and highly detailed artwork covering the outside of the venue. A remarkable result! Sonomesh Print fabric meets the true 'paper-book-feeling' the pop-up theatre was looking for and gives Shakespeare back his (almost) original stage.  The durable fabric is praised for its print results, acoustic qualities and perfect suitability for outdoor use, but most importantly: it turns any big surface into a stunning eyecatcher!

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A masterpiece perfected by black-out textile

The whole construction is designed to take the spectator back into time and relive the Shakespearian theatre. But what about blocking the daylight out? Here's the answer: by using a pitch-black, non-shrinkable and untearable material! Black PolyMolton (a unique combination of cotton and polyester) succeeded this complex role by giving daylight no part in the performances. Meanwhile, custom-made truss constructions made sure all textiles were securely fixed and helped to bring Shakespeare back to life in this full-scale theatre set-up. All the world is still a stage!