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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Bicentennial Experience Singapore spaghetti projection
Bicentennial Experience Singapore - Gobelintulle - gauze - projection
Bicentennial Experience Singapore projection screen supermat perforato
Bicentennial Experience Singapore - Gobelintulle - gauze - projection - acoustic textiles
Bicentennial Experience Singapore projection screen supermat perforato

The Bicentennial Experience

نوفمبر 2019

Did you know that history can be remarkably entertaining? This happens when creative visuals and high-quality projection screens come together in a stunning live performance.

A multimedia experience centred around scenic fabrics and screens

The immersive, multi-sensory journey comprises two parts: Time Traveller, a captivating indoor cinematic show; and Pathfinder, an outdoor trail featuring eight interactive installations. No surprise ShowTex materials were omnipresent!

Perforated projection screens

The right combination of screens and frames is key for a room-filling 360° experience. That's why all over the venue, the audience is treated to high-impact projections mapped onto FP SuperMat Perforato screens, mounted on custom-curved tracks that perfectly fit the shape of the room. The perforated PVC is known for its excellent sound transparency but ensures an overwhelming visual experience as well. With the right selection of fabrics and screens, the projection possibilities are practically endless!

See-through projection fabric

Want even more spectacle? Adding an extra layer of GobelinTulle to your set will create more depth, as demonstrated in several show setups. The versatile black shark’s-tooth scrim blends transparency with superb light reflection and had all spectators on the edge of their seats.

Projection onto dynamic string curtains

Did you ever consider projecting onto Spaghetti string curtains? In Singapore, they did! It shouldn't be all traditional PVC screens or gauzes after all. Serving as a giant chandelier, the centrepiece lights up the Atrium as soon as the light hits the creative projection surface. A true eye-catcher!

Want to know more about Projection screens and transparency? Click here!

Masking drapes for the best visual result

When talking high-impact projections, keeping out ambient light is just as important as the light reflection of the screen itself. For that reason, Wool Serge Panne masking curtains were used to optimise light conditions and create a smooth black backdrop that made the projections stand out. As the black drapes offer excellent sound-dampening qualities as well, even the acoustics of the space were optimised!

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