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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Sanlam Conference
Sanlam Conference

Sanlam Conference

Cape Town, South Africa
أغسطس 2019

This year's Sanlam Future Leaders & Senior Management Conference was all about integration into Africa. Using a huge amount of DropPaper strips, the conference's theme was boldly represented in the venue design as well.

Textured ceiling installation

An impressive fabric ceiling linked two stages that were located on opposite ends of the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The fabric "bridge" symbolised the integration theme and made all heads look up upon entry. A true eye-catcher!

One fabric - two looks

The massive amount of DropPaper strips, each unique in length, formed a wave-like ceiling structure that was the visual backbone of the event.  As the non-woven material works great in combination with light, the installation came even more to life at night. When the colourful spots hit the fabric, the dynamic strips truly popped!

إشادات المشروعات

Formative - Stage + Production Design