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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

printed theatre borders and legs
projection screen
projection surface
projection backdrop
projection screen

Black and White

فبراير 2019

In its golden age, the Egyptian film industry was mainly characterized by romantic songs and highly supported by the biggest names in Arab music. On a stage filled with projection surfaces and printed fabrics, the Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre (JACC) brought back these musical film memories to a very nostalgic audience.

Flame-retardant projection screens

Four RP Grey screens formed a low-rise wall on stage displaying stunning black and white movie scenes from the past. Together with the rear screens, a massive FP XL Mesh projection surface supported the impressive show with even more vintage visuals. Combining the front projection mesh with the grey rear screens enabled the light designers to play with both the stage lights and the subtle see-through effect of the mesh, resulting in a multi-layered and visually striking set design.

Borders and legs printed on Blackout Flex BB

All around the proscenium, ShowTex printed classic borders and legs on Blackout Flex BB fabric with geometric artwork, which majestically framed the full set. The black backing of this print fabric prevented any light from coming through and ensured high-quality prints and bright popping colours.

Aluminium Screen Frame solutions

Using Spanfix, all PVC screens and printed fabrics were carefully stretched over custom-made aluminium profiles, making the frames itself invisible for the audience. Combining all flame-retardant stage fabrics with these lightweight Screen Frames resulted in a super-sleek and streamlined set which surely brought those old movie memories back to life!