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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Fedefarma - projection screens


Barcelona, Spain
فبراير 2019

More than 1300 people flocked to the CCIB Auditorium in Barcelona for a spectacular event celebrating the 90th anniversary of Fedefarma. Colourful video projections precisely mapped on 21 fabric cubes, immediately set the right festive mood on stage.

Layered AV Drop backdrop 

By combining different sizes and shapes of cubes, the projection backdrop was a visually striking surface for the audio-visual crew to play with. While separate AV Drop elements were used to create the 21 cubes, they beautifully merged together into one giant layered set which enclosed the main projection screen. Being a modular backdrop kit, the AV Drop allows you to build freestanding and temporary walls in no time.

Flame-retardant cinema screen

In between the cubes, an 18 by 10-meter front projection screen was carefully mounted in an aluminium ScreenFrame and attached to a truss. The flame-retardant FP White cinema screen was the perfect choice for such a large audience, considering its wide viewing angle. It ensured not a single spectator had to miss a thing of what was displayed on the screen!

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