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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Chinese Valentine

Xian & Xinyu, China
نوفمبر 2018

For years on end, ShowTex fabrics have been defining the set of CCTV's widely-watched Chinese Valentine Show and this edition was again no different.

Textile & light: a dream team

Each time the scenery changed, a balanced combination of lights and fabrics immediately set the right mood on stage. Textured projection surfaces, special effect foils, printed backdrops and laser-cut drapes treated the multi-million audience to a colourful spectacle!

Impressive laser-cut drapes

To emphasise one of the many performances, a Chinese text was laser-cut with millimetre precision out of white Molton fabric and then mounted on a black Voile CS sheer. Flowing elegantly above the heads of the dancers, the massive 40-meter wide drape took on every colour possible when hit by the stage lights!

Light-weight string curtains

Just as last year, the set designer chose classic Spaghetti String curtains to add depth and texture to the scene. The flame-retardant fabric projection surface reacts great to lights and was an instant eyecatcher on stage.

Matte PVC projection screens

The Valentine show also featured an impressive dance performance backed by a bright panorama of circular projection screens. As the matte ClearScreen Frost has a remarkably high light yield, it was the perfect choice to make the colourful content pop!

Extra-wide printed fabrics

As if the vivid projections were not enough, the show was also decorated with inherently and permanently flame-retardant backdrops, seamlessly printed up to 5 metres wide. The majestic prints on semi-transparent BannerDrape have a fine texture and shiny satin finish that never fails to impress.

An all-inclusive set design demonstrating the great effects that are possible with a perfectly balanced combination of stage fabrics and lights!

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