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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Tomorrowland - stretch velvet
Tomorrowland - stretch velvet

Tomorrowland 2018

Boom, Belgium
سبتمبر 2018

Elastic velvets make for lush draperies

A familiar face at the annual dance festival, ShowTex supplied red StretchVelours for the Pussy Lounge, a brand-new in-the-round stage reusing the famous carrousel of last year’s Main Stage. To keep with the circus theme, ShowTex added more velvet drapes to cover the 2 ceilings of the carrousel, spanning 7m and 10m in diameter.

StretchVelours is a flame-retardant and lightweight elastic velvet which instantly makes for luxurious draperies while offering great value for money.

Juncko & Molton are perfect for big surface masking

Furthermore, ShowTex supplied loads of black Juncko and Molton, the perfect flame-retardant fabrics for temporary stage skirting. While these fabrics are typically used for big surface masking, they remain rather invisible to the untrained eye. But rest assured, each and every stage at the festival featured ShowTex fabrics!

“No matter the size of the project, the ShowTex team is always thinking ahead enthusiastically and is 100% committed to take the production to the next level. The word “no”, simply isn’t in their vocabulary, no matter how complex the challenge. This is what makes it great to work with ShowTex. You can rest assured that everything will turn out just fine when you’re sitting around the table together with them and this year’s in-the-round Pussy Lounge stage is a clear example of their commitment.”