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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

VR Park- projection on StretchTulle
VR Park- projection on StretchTulle
VR Park- projection on StretchTulle
VR Park- projection on StretchTulle

VR Park

Dubai, UAE
قد 2018

The first-of-its-kind theme park in the Middle East, VR Park, is designed to blur the lines between perception and reality with a combination of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and thrilling rides.

Projecting on a StretchTulle ceiling

In the visual centre of the two-storey attraction, underneath an impressive StretchTulle ceiling, is the "Burj Drop" simulating a breathtaking fall down the Burj Khalifa. The grey elastic mesh creates a mind-blowing upside-down effect by covering the roof in colourful projections of the Dubai skyline.

No less than 1750 square metres of StretchTulle, split into 7 panels, act as a gigantic see-through projection surface. The fabric screen stretches seamlessly up to almost 8 m wide and allows for ultimate flexibility and amazing special effects.

Easy fabric to frame attachment

The specially designed Mesh Fabric Profile keeps the flame-retardant scrim easily in place. By stretching the tulle over the pins of the custom comb profile, the mesh ceiling was up and running in no time!

Venue masking

Apart from the impressive projection ceiling, ShowTex also supplied black Molton CS masking drapes to cover the walls surrounding the entertainment venue and some smaller pieces of black StretchTulle to neatly finish the remaining open areas in the ceiling.

Are you ready to challenge reality and turn your world upside-down?

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