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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

AV Drop - freestanding backdrop
AV Drop - temporary wall
AV Drop - freestanding backdrop
AV Drop - temporary wall

Kids&Us Convention

Barcelona, Spain
أبريل 2018

Kids&Us, the language school for young children, recently hosted its 8th annual convention at the Barcelona International Convention Centre. Over 1500 people from all over the world came together to share experiences, strengthen relationships and witness a spectacular projection mapping show that had them all wonderstruck.

Eight large AV Drop modules of different shapes and sizes made up the highly playful set. By installing both rectangular and triangular units in different layers behind each other, the whole stage seemed to be filled with a giant architectural structure!

The quick-lock frame assembly of the modular AV Drop system allowed all of this to be built without the use of any wood, tools nor rigging points. It is the perfect solution for safely creating freestanding walls and backdrops in no time.

By covering the AV Drop modules with ShowTex's flame-retardant Blackout Flex BB fabric, the system's outline could easily be hidden while offering a high-quality projection screen for the flashy images. Imagine having to paint each of the modules, should they have been made of wood!

The 8 AV Drop modules were carefully positioned to fit the spectacular mapped content, providing a magical backdrop that perfectly suited the creative spirit of this youthful event.