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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

GobelinTulle - Helene Fischer
GobelinTulle - Helene Fischer
GobelinTulle - Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer on tour

Tour, Germany
نوفمبر 2017

Brilliant Stages teamed up with Showtex for the extraordinary Helene Fischer Live 2017/2018 tour designed by Stufish and 45 degrees, a technically challenging show with eye-catching costumes, breath-taking projections and several moving stages.

Floating scene

During the spectacular concert, a mobile and circular B-stage descended in a grey GobelinTulle cylinder by ShowTex to then hover over the heads of the astounded audience. With its 6.5 meter diameter, the large floating platform moved up and down the Venetia style curtain, which was able to grow up to a staggering 7 meters high!

Playing with light

The designers created a magical underwater effect by projecting both on the semi-transparent GobelinTulle and simultaneously illuminating Helene inside the fabric cylinder.

Scrims both reflect and transmit light. When only front-lit, a scrim will appear opaque if everything behind is unlit. It will become almost transparent if a scene behind it is lit, but the scrim itself remains unlit. A combination of both projecting images on the scrim and lighting the scene behind can create a foggy 3D scene.

The show has become a masterpiece offering an unforgettable experience for both the audience as the designers!

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