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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Grand Show

Belgrade, Serbia
أكتوبر 2009

The Grand Show is one of the most watched TV programs in the Balkan region. Serbia's own version of Pop Idol has become a favorite among entertainment channel Pink TV's viewers.

The Grand Production company that started the 'Zvezde Granda' or Grand Stars and Grand Show competition is also home to the nation's biggest record label. No wonder singers come from all over the region to compete in this glossy pop contest.

When the Grand Show set got a make-over this fall, ShowTex installed a complete revamp on stage. Two ShowTracks each 24 metres long for hanging stage decors weighing up to 800 kg per track. Two curved ShowTrack curtain tracks installed 10 metres high supporting gorgeous Choucroute textured background material. Another 24 metre long ShowTrack to hang Spaghetti string curtains. Then, another light catcher. Long flowing gold LurexVoile 100 Crunch stage curtains glittering as far as the eye can see. Combined with several ShowTex HiSpeed 8000 systems they disappear just as fast to reveal video screens behind the performers.

All curtain tracks were equipped with the Rope Drive so movement can easily be adjusted live during the show at the light board. The ShowTex Rope Drive engine has a step-less positioning system. That means endless stop points at your fingertips. What could be easier. Or more spectacular!

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