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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Ojos Abiertos

Madrid, Spain
مارس 2011

A flock of birds depicted on sunshades opened the eyes of Madrilenos to the diversity of nature in Spain's biggest city. The exhibition "Con los ojos abiertos" (With Eyes Wide Open) in La Casa Encendida cultural center by Dutch artist Petra Blaisse centered around several textile works portraying different bird species.

On the outside of the building, the artist created 13 awnings especially for this exhibition. ShowTex Netherlands supplied 8 sunshades made from printed FrontScreen Blackout fabric.

Birds where cut out of the fabric and replaced with ClearScreen Crystal pvc foil to create a see-through effect. Five additional awnings displayed XL Mesh netting with bird cutouts in FrontScreen Blackout fabric sewn on them. The effect of birds flying by the window was realistic and magical at the same time, whether viewed from the inside or the outside of the building.

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Petra Blaisse