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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

دلتا لايت

Belgium, Kortrijk
نوفمبر 2012

Lighting specialist Delta Light created the illusion of a giant boulder floating above its stand using ShowTex AluShape during the 23rd edition of the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk.

A specialist in architectural lighting, Delta Light is known around the world for its innovative light concepts and subtle mixture of atmosphere, functionality and design.

The company once again presented a unique trade show stand concept at this year’s Interieur Biennale 2012 in Kortrijk. Above their space, from a height of 1.86 meters, an enormous rock appeared to be hanging in midair. At first glance, visitors were confronted only by a giant structure supported underneath by metal support beams.

The illusion transformed as the viewer got closer when they could walk underneath the boulder and view the highlighted Delta Light products through portholes in a variety of diameters. The design was an open invitation to visitors to come in and explore.

Delta Light made use of AluShape Cretonne from ShowTex to replicate a giant stone boulder.  A heavy duty fabric, AluShape can be easily shaped to produce special 3D effects. Delta Light’s trade show stand design delighted the public and attracted a large audience to the stand. Or should we say, “under the stand.”?

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