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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Y-Theatre - velvet curtain
Y-Theatre - masking legs borders
Y-Theatre - theatre velvet
Y-Theatre - theatre curtain


Hong Kong
يونيو 2018

After 10 years of intensive use, the stage drapes of the Y-Theatre in Youth Square, Wan Chai Hong Kong were in desperate need of a serious refurbishment. A job right up the alley of the ShowTex team, who jumped in to replace the motorised festoon curtain with stunning velvet drapes controlled by an Rope Drive DMX system.

Custom-coloured Velours Paris CS

For both the mid and front-of-house curtains, a batch of Velours Paris CS was custom-dyed in a carefully selected colour to perfectly match the venue's chairs. The permanently flame-retardant velvet is very low maintenance and ensures gorgeous stage drapes with good sound-absorbing qualities. With a black DekoTaft lining, these prestigious curtains got just the luxurious finishing they needed.

Stage masking and acoustics

All eight stage legs of the theatre were renewed with black Wool Serge Panne ones. The heavy flame-retardant wool hangs nicely flat and is perfectly suited for dampening sound or adjusting the acoustic properties of a venue.

Stage hardware done right

The heavy stage drapes are operated by a durable Rope Drive system with an integrated head pulley. The rope track control allows for fast motion with a variable speed of 0 to 55 cm/sec and is conveniently controllable through the lighting console. To ensure an even smoother operation, ShowTex serviced all track components to be in mint condition!


We wish the Y-Theatre and its upcoming productions all the best with their refurbished theatre drape kit!