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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Super Bock Super Rock 2014

Lisbon, Portugal
يوليو 2014

Visitors of the Portuguese Super Bock Super Rock festival were treated to exclusive 3D animations during the performance by French creative artist, Woodkid. To fully justify the dynamic images Woodkid (i.e. Yoann Lemoine) opted for a ShowTex Supermat front projection screen.

Given his background in illustration and animation, it is not surprising that Lemoine himself was the creative force behind the visuals. FP Supermat by ShowTex turned out to be the ideal projection surface. Its smooth texture and matte finishing ensured an excellent reproduction of the striking images.

This was not the first time that Lemoine showcased his visual talents. As a renowned music video director he already amazed celebrities such as Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry and Pharrell Williams with his creative insights. In 2012, he won the award for Best Director of the Year at the MVPA Awards and pocketed six nominations for the MTV Video Music Awards.

Together with ShowTex, Woodkid shows that creativity has no limits!

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