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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Plopsa Coevorden

The Netherlands
قد 2010

The newest Plopsa Indoor theme park in the Netherlands opened with a bang. Studio 100 selected ShowTex to supply and install all backdrops, ShowLED star cloths, decorative fabrics, stage curtains and tracks for the venue.

ShowLED starcloths are prominently featured in one of the main attractions and in the totally custom made theatre in the park. ShowLED Classic starcloth systems are perfect for creating a realistic starry sky and a fairy tale theme park atmosphere.

For the opening of the theme park, ShowTex supplied the Kabuki Drop System and LurexVoile Crunch curtains used to reveal the attractions. ShowLED Animation star cloths lit up the stage behind the Studio 100 stars K3.

The park is set on 10.000 square metres and features popular Studio 100 characters.

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