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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

هيستوريوم بروج

أكتوبر 2012

Located on the main square of Unesco world heritage centre Bruges, The Historium Museum offers visitors an authentic glimpse into life in the golden age of Bruges circa 1435. Historium is more than a museum; it’s an experience centre that acts as a time machine by combining historical elements, film panoramas, atmospheric music, 3D interactive sets, and special effects appealing to all the senses.

ShowTex supplied all keying fabrics, cycs, and studio drapes during the filming leading up to Historium’s opening. Other set elements in red velvet velour, like a giant cape replica of the one worn by the film’s main character were also custom manufactured by ShowTex.

Computer Graphics Supervisor : Chris Mascarello
Design & Production Manager : Matthias Clostermann
Art Director : Kene Illegems

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