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Golden glassless mirrors turn out the perfect luxury event decoration

Golden GiantMirror: Luxurious event decoration

Madrid, Spain
август 2023

Step into a world where opulence meets innovation. Experience the mesmerizing allure of golden GiantMirror and the versatility of DanceCarpet Jumbo at the Moët et Chandon gala.

Golden glassless mirror: reflecting elegance and innovation

At the Palacio Cibeles in Madrid, the stars were immersed in luxury at the Moët et Chandon gala. Upon entering the event by Venue Brand Experience, a golden, custom mirror immediately stood out, capturing the gaze of every attendee.

Golden GiantMirror was the perfect solution for the luxury brand’s request to match its brand image of pure gold sophistication. The custom-made piece, comprised of four elements, created an enchanting gateway for guests moving from the cocktail area to the dinner and entertainment zone. With mirrors attached to both the scaffolding and the main rectangular truss structure, the golden glow of GiantMirror was truly everywhere during the event.

Event flooring supporting extraordinary talent

Meanwhile, DanceCarpet Jumbo quite literally set the stage for unforgettable speeches, presentations and a captivating Mika performance. This double-sided flooring solution can be used both ways and is surprisingly easy to handle thanks to its light weight and suppleness.

EasyDrape: your match for temporary event setups

In the background, EasyDrape played a subtle but vital role in the success of the luxury event. The stand-alone pipe and drape system supported many of the structures at the gala, all while remaining totally invisible. Its adjustable features allowed for efficient venue masking, including a hidden catering office. The perfect match for temporary events!

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