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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Inflatable projection spheres at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai
Immersive projections at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai
Immersive projections on XL projection screens at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai
Immersive projections at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai
GiantMirror mirror effects at world exposition Expo 2020 Dubai

Hardware and textile solutions for world expo

Dubai, UAE
июль 2022

Over 30 pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai relied on ShowTex Middle East for textile and hardware solutions to dress up their structures. From masking drapes to printed fabrics and thousands of square meters of projection materials, can you spot all the ShowTex products?

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Printed textiles, string curtains, masking fabrics & projection materials

Countless square meters of projection materials showed off larger-than-life projection mapping effects, while plenty of masking fabrics hid the cabling that’s needed for installing these projection screens and cloths. In plenty of pavilions, printed fabrics splashed off the walls, while string curtains subtly divided the expo areas into multiple zones, without disturbing the open space feel.

Acoustics, support and stand decoration on point

Thanks to acoustic solutions installed in various pavilions, sound reverberations were countered, and visitors could enjoy their expo visit to the fullest. But also hardware was installed all over the expo site, as miles of sturdy curtain rails and print frame profiles supported all the decorative fabrics. From traditional velvets to shimmering sheers and colourful stretch fabrics, you name it!

Special effects materials all around

A larger-than-life expo site like this would not be complete without an impressive selection of ShowTex special effects materials. The kaleidoscope and monolith mirror foil installations using GiantMirror and the holographic PepperScrim net showed visitor after visitor what they are capable of. Those who didn't visit definitely missed out on quite some ShowTex magic!

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Expo 2020 Dubai is one of the largest world expositions the world has known in the most recent years. With plenty of pavilions representing different countries and societal interests, it was a great honour to work on this giant project and dress up each themed pavilion with the right textiles and hardware solutions.

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Video by Padoek Films