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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Immersive projections on invisible mesh at Sound of Dunhuang
Projections on invisible projection scrim at Sound of Dunhuang
FeatherSilk, featherlight silky stage prop
Projections on string curtains at Sound of Dunhuang
Immersive projections on fabric projection surfaces at Sound of Dunhuang

Creative projection surfaces at Sound of Dunhuang

Gansu, China
декабрь 2023

After a first successful collaboration with the touring musical production Ancient Sound of Dunhuang, it was now time for a sequel. One that features immersive projections on hologram netting, string curtain backdrops and enchanting, featherlight stage props.

Eye-catching holographic projection on scrims

Upon entering the theatre, the first thing that catches the eye is a 5-meter-high cube, covered with an invisible scrim displaying high-res imagery. Inside the 3D structure is a performer interacting with the projections mapped onto the cube. An effect that is only possible thanks to the ultra transparency of the net.

Wandering through the theatrical experience, it is clear the immersive journey only just began, as fabric projection surfaces are installed all around the venue. A see-through sharkstooth gauze welcomes the audience at the main stage, while an extra-wide metallic scrim generates impressive holographic effects in the main hall. Visitor after visitor can’t help but stop to have a closer look at the projection feast.

Versatile string curtains set the tone

When speaking of creative projection surfaces, string curtains cannot be missed. Combining a Spaghetti Budget backdrop with projection, results in marvellous imagery as the flame-retardant strings capture the light beautifully. Opting for Spaghetti curtains is choosing a unique and playful set design that instantly adds dynamics to the scene.

Featherlight floating fabrics steal the show

At the centre-stage, a performer is dancing with a FeatherSilk stage prop. The ultralight fabric whirls and twirls elegantly in the air, and those who pay close attention can see that the silky fabric is attached to the dancer's costume. As soon as lights hit the fabric, they diffuse beautifully, bringing the Flying Apsaras alive like never before. Undoubtedly the best fabric choice for this performance!

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