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Perks of working with a global organization

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ShowTex installer working on-site

A never-ending stream of creative ideas and an ever-growing company with a team that continues to specialise. A team with only one goal: to make your project a great success. That’s ShowTex.

With more than 10 offices spread over 5 continents, and more than 300 employees from over 40 different countries, we surely are worthy of our title “international company”. But did you know that working locally with a global partner comes with many advantages?



Stock all over the worldpicture of a ShowTex warehouse

No matter where your event, expo or show takes place, your necessary products are almost always within reach. This thanks to the many ShowTex offices around the world, equipped with their own sales departments, sewing & hardware workshops, stocked warehouses and test-build areas, your items are designed, produced and installed locally. Apart from shorter delivery times, this has a positive effect on transport costs as well.


As we have experience in working in very "closed off" markets, where importing is difficult and import taxes are high, having stock on the ground that is immediately available is very important. We can deliver fast and are able to give a price without "hidden cost". It’s this knowledge that makes a huge difference for the customer.
Managing Partner ShowTex Asia

Moreover, international clients who work in multiple regions can count on the approach and product range they are familiar with. This means no surprises during the project and a hassle-free experience for the customer.
Managing Partner ShowTex Middle East


Expertise in every corner

When something’s wrong with your installation or backdrop, who you gonna call? ShowTex! For over 40 years, we’ve worked with local experts in a wide range of industries: sewers, welders, printers, logistics experts, acoustic engineers, technical specialists…. All of them are highly trained and experienced in the industry. This extensive, dedicated and professional team makes ShowTex a valuable partner for your next project or production.


The greatest added value we can give international customers is that we have knowledge of the local market we operate in. This is very specific, depending on the country where the project is executed. One example is the FR certification. This is actually very strict, on certain projects. International customers might work on a project and assume the products they normally use which have European or American certification, would also be OK to use in the Chinese market. In practice this is not the case. As ShowTex has experience working with the local FR standard, we can advise our customers on the right material from the start and avoid costly mistakes where material might have to be replaced at late stage, because it can’t pass local requirements.
Managing Partner ShowTex Asia


On-site assistance

On the lookout for on-site assistance during your next concert tour or event? A ShowTex-expert will always be at your side to follow up on your project, from the design table to the final installation and deconstruction of your set. This way, you and your crew don't need to worry about a thing, as you can always count on ShowTex to solve any occurring inconvenience swiftly.


Having worked with ShowTex for many years, I’m always happy with their service and quality of supplied goods. Whenever an issue or mistake occurs during a project, I can openly communicate with them, and they will always provide a solution within our short project deadline.
Customer review // De Muur Scenography


But don't worry if you're looking for a permanent installation. We've also got your back. From permanent textile solutions to acoustic enhancements and technical installations, we turn your idea into reality, and support you afterwards when needed.

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Quick repairs

The event sector often faces unforeseen situations. Last minute changes, accidents causing damage to your drapes or installation. That's why it's important to be able to count on a partner that can quickly solve these problems with both on-site experts and high-quality solutions.


The support from ShowTex was incredible - the flexibility and hard work to make things happen was greatly appreciated.
Customer Review // Betty Productions

Thanks to thousands square meters of warehouse space all over the world and an extensive team of experts, we've often offered this fast assistance to many customers with both temporary and permanent installations.


International in every aspect

ShowTex offers project managers and skilled technicians that can address local customers in their native language, wherever there is a branch. This is a huge advantage for customer communication and project development. The fact that the customer can discuss project details with a local PM, who acts like a bridge between branches, is a huge advantage, because not too many companies can manage a project for let’s say a delivery in Barcelona with a Chinese speaking end user in Shanghai. ShowTex can!
Managing Partner ShowTex Asia


At ShowTex, we collaborate with more than 300 people from over 40 countries, with many levels of experience, speaking different languages and a variety of know-how, who all still learn from one another every day. So many languages resonate on our work floor. For you as a customer, this means your ShowTex contact can assist you in your mother tongue, during the entire project.


Close collabs between the offices

Although our offices are far apart, the ShowTex team always stays in close contact. This way, our co-workers do not only learn in-the-field, but they also keep learning from each other. International colleagues keep each other up to date on the latest innovations and projects in their offices, making sure the company keeps growing. And when a specific expertise is needed for a project, there is surely a ShowTex colleague available somewhere in the world, who can assist and share his or her knowledge.

The exchange of stock and knowledge between the branches has repeatedly proven to be an important asset. Different markets have their own seasons and segments, so sharing resources and skills is extremely valuable! Singapore National Day is a great example of such collaboration, with fabrics being sourced from ShowTex Middle East and then transferred to Singapore to be installed by ShowTex Hong Kong.
Managing Partner ShowTex Middle East


The think global, act local mindset often proved us to be a worthy partner for many projects in many branches like events, performing arts, museums, fairs, theme parks and fashion shows. Are you next?

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