UAE Mars Mission
Dubai, UAE
  |  July 2015
A spatial setting completely filled with a variety of fabrics, frames and prints by ShowTex
European Games 2015
  |  July 2015
The closing ceremony of the very 1st European Games featured an 8m high laser cut Fire Temple.
Blood Brothers
  |  July 2015
Highly detailed laser cut backdrops featuring 3D city landscapes in black Molton CS and black LaserVoile.
As Big As The Sky
  |  July 2015
Inventive stage design and film projections by China’s most famous contemporary artist, Ai Weiwei.
Empathy for Khojaly
  |  July 2015
Explosive and room-filling 3D video mapping effects on ShowTex Cyclo 200 canvas.
EY Vision 2020
Leuven, Belgium
  |  July 2015
Ernst & Young presented it's vision for 2020 on an impressive 360° projection surface by ShowTex.
Elvis The Musical
  |  June 2015
Glamorous Satinac Venezia curtain brings The King back to live in an amazing musical performance.
Umea - Sweden
  |  June 2015
ShowLED Animation Hybrid combined with digital prints and laser-cut fabrics by ShowTex.
The Seagull
  |  June 2015
Tilted GiantMirror above a turf-covered stage gives a different perspective to Chekhov’s original.
Battle of Waterloo
  |  June 2015
Colorful DekoTaft flags mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo.
La Cenerentola
Maastricht, Opera Zuid
  |  June 2015
An enchanting Cenerentola featuring large flats mounted in a solid an durable ShowTrack rail system.
De Panne
  |  June 2015
Brand new water park features a 150m wide and waterproof printed backdrop by ShowTex.
Irish Design 2015
  |  June 2015
Exhibition design creates liminal experience featuring translucent cyc cloths and sheers by ShowTex.
Dubai Design District
  |  May 2015
Interactive ceiling features StretchTulle, Bannerdrape and integrated ShowLED Hybrid LEDs. 
Barco @ Prolight+Sound
  |  April 2015
Extra large printed banners and a custom curved micro-perforated Supermat front projection screen.
The Pearl Fishers
  |  March 2015
Dutch theatre director Lotte de Beer transformed Bizet’s opera into a contemporary reality TV show.
Mille Plateaux
  |  March 2015
Stunning art installation featuring multi-layered projection surfaces in a variety of ShowTex materials.
New MINI Hatch
South Africa
  |  March 2015
Mini’s heritage comes to life in multi-dimensional projection experience, featuring PolyStretch P8 car cover.
Just Do It
The Netherlands
  |  February 2015
Tineke Schouten goes big and glamorous with ShowTex Oeko-Tex certified Satinac Crunch and Molton.
Millennium Pavilion
  |  February 2015
Technology and innovation meet amazing stage fabrics by ShowTex in the heart of Helsinki.
Encore Mount Wutai
Xinzhou, Shanxi, China
  |  February 2015
An extraordinary play with ShowTex Blackout 270, StretchTulle and GobelinTulle.
I am Hardwell
World Tour
  |  February 2015
The set design of the world’s number 1 DJ Hardwell features sleek stage masking by ShowTex.
Sónar Festival
  |  January 2015
ShowTex curtain tracks, temporary wall solutions, printed backdrops and Molton drapes.
CA Olympic Committee
Calgary, Canada
  |  January 2015
Video projections and a dynamic roof featuring ShowTex TrusSleeve create a sensational experience.
Music Industry Awards
Lint, Belgium
  |  January 2015
Cyclo 200, Universal 250 Print & RP Off-White by ShowTex added a fitting festival flavour to the MIAs.
5th DIPC
  |  January 2015
360° projections on Universal 250 and StretchTulle brings the spectators in the heart of the action.
Rowwen Hèze
Clubtour, The Netherlands
  |  December 2014
Dutch folk sensation Rowwen Hèze "in da club" featuring PolyStretch P8 CS Matt by ShowTex.
August: Osage County
Antwerp, Belgium
  |  November 2014
KVS, NTGent and Toneelhuis choose AluShape Cretonne for 'AUGUST: Osage County'
De Stoep
Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
  |  November 2014
Iconic Theatre De Stoep features innovative stage fabrics and curtain tracks by ShowTex.
Matryoshka Festival
  |  November 2014
Up to 7m high beautifully printed PolyStretch CS P8 Matt Matroshka dolls at Wafi Mall, Dubai.
Dance! Dance! Dance!
  |  October 2014
Arsenal brings film, music and multiple fabrics by ShowTex together in a unique live performance.
Ocean Night
New York
  |  October 2014
Surreal moonlit scuba dive during New York Fashion Week featuring StretchTulle and Mesh Fabric Profile.
The Hong Kong Ballet
Hong Kong
  |  October 2014
Don Quixote at its best featuring elegant Spaghetti curtains and original laser-cut fabrics.
Special Olympics
Antwerp, Belgium
  |  October 2014
A great performance deserves a great audience... and a great opening and closing ceremony!
Buiten Westen
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  |  September 2014
NGHTDVSN stage at Buiten Westen Festival featured multiple transparent LaserVoile projection surfaces.
  |  September 2014
Two giant ShowTex FP Blackout projection screens were the centerpiece of 30 years of NuSkin.
Hasselt, Belgium
  |  September 2014
Stretch fabrics by ShowTex created a colorful CHILL OUT area at Pukkelpop 2014.
Within Temptation
World tour
  |  September 2014
Within Temptation on Hydra World Tour featuring amazing printed and laser cut fabrics by ShowTex.
Vanda, Finland
  |  August 2014
At ShowTex we love eating Spaghetti but we rather prefer to print it.                                                                           
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  |  August 2014
Artist Nicole Beutler wrapped her dance performance 5: ECHO in ShowTex Metallic Spark and Voile CS.
The Moon
Hong Kong
  |  July 2014
Choucroute Medium adds an extra dimension to the charity project ‘The Moon’.
Umea, Sweden
  |  July 2014
Giant Mirror by ShowTex takes center stage in the lighting installation ’Saiyah’ by artist Yoko Seyama.
Texas Aggies Go To War
  |  June 2014
ShowTex StretchTulle transforms the Mardasson monument in Bastogne into a giant 3D projection surface.
Festival of Lights
Dubai, UAE
  |  May 2014
Versatile StretchTulle mesh was used to create various projection surfaces for some of the installations.
  |  May 2014
Elegant printed Voile CS curtains by ShowTex for Arthur Japin’s theater version of his bestseller ‘Vaslav’. 
Clusters of Light
Sharjah, UAE
  |  May 2014
ShowTex was closely involved in the project, as the stage was completely filled with our fabrics and frames!
Radisson Blu atrium
Bremen, Germany
  |  May 2014
The four-star hotel called on ShowTex to fit two impressive chandeliers and supply all of the draperies.
Laureus Sports Awards
  |  May 2014
During the ceremony, all nominees and winners were presented to the public using an RP Grey screen.
Amsterdam District
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  |  May 2014
The municipality used ShowTex H100 rail systems to create the most versatile office building possible.
14-18 Musical
  |  May 2014
ShowTex provide hundreds of meters flame retardant stage textile for dressing this spectacular show.
Evita Musical
Copenhagen, Denmark
  |  April 2014
Several Giant Mirror panels and mirror frames by ShowTex were used for the famous Evita balcony on stage.
Giulio Cesare in Egitto
  |  April 2014
An aesthetic scene of towering glass walls and lush fabric drapery attracted the public’s attention in no time. 
Masterchef Arabia
  |  April 2014
Masterchef TV series has been a hit around the world and now launched on Saudi TV: MasterChef Arabia
Obama in Brussels
  |  April 2014
NATO Secretary Rasmussen met with US President Obama at The Hotel, featuring a Velours backdrop.

La Favorite
  |  April 2014
La Favorite by Donizetti revived at the Capitol Theatre in Toulouse featuring mobile mirror walls by ShowTex.
Dinosaur reveal
  |  April 2014
Giant ShowTex black box reveals a massive 155-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton at Dubai Mall. 
Sensing Spaces
  |  March 2014
Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
Cartier exhibition
  |  March 2014
“The Secrets of Cartier Precious Watches” is an exhibition about Cartier’s watchmaking philosophy. 
Shikumen House
  |  January 2014
Leandro Erlich takes his optical illusions to Shanghai featuring a Giant Mirror installed by ShowTex.
CK Platinum label
Hong Kong
  |  December 2013
Asian launch of Calvin Klein spring 2014 Platinum label with custom-made sculptural AluShape backdrop.
Armin van Buuren
World Tour
  |  December 2013
A giant PolyStretch hemisphere, custom-made by ShowTex, for Armin van Buuren's "Armin Only" world tour.
Dubai Water Canal
  |  November 2013
A 15m long tunnel covered in custom-finished RP Off-White screen for the official launch of the project.
La scala di seta
Milan, Italy
  |  November 2013
La scala di seta: A Giant Mirror as focal point during “La Scala di Seta” by Rossini at Teatro Alla Scala.
150 years Solvay
  |  October 2013
A 10m high tube with a diameter of 7m consisting of lasercut fabrics for Odyseo, the chemistry of dreams.
25 years Vogue Italia
  |  October 2013
Printed light cubes representing 25 years of Vogue Italy covers during the ‘Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience'.
Plopsa Theatre
De Panne
  |  July 2013
ShowLED Classic star cloths, flame retardant theatre curtains and innovative rail systems.

Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Flame retardant drapes, backdrops, motorized curtain tracks, kabuki, roll up systems, projection screens, scrims, and accessories for theaters, events, trade shows, film and tv studios, performances, tours, dance, opera, amusement parks, and public venues.

ShowTex is a worldwide leader in inventing, manufacturing, selling, and installing the most innovative flame retardant curtain fabrics, tracks, and motion control systems for achieving the creative vision of event and entertainment professionals.

ShowTex: For event and entertainment professionals around the world who want the most innovative curtain fabrics, tracks, and motion control systems.

ShowTex products

Velvet & Velour

A colourful range of cotton, polyester, and mohair velvet and velour stage fabrics available in a variety of weights and finishes.

Masking, Acoustic & Blackout

Stage drapes and perimeter curtains are an ideal way to adjust acoustics and light in a theater or venue.

Scrim, Netting & Gauze

Scenic fabrics with a netted or gauze structure are the basis for spectacular light effects onstage.

Green Product Range

A range of ecological products for theatres, events, and performing arts including OekoTex 100 certified and recycled fabrics.

Muslin, Canvas, Cyc Cloth

Scenic cloths and cyclorama canvases can be used for backdrops, projected images, lighting, effects and painting.

ShowLED Star Cloth

Classic White, Chameleon RGB, and Animation LED curtains. ShowLED starcloth systems set industry standards for innovation & ease of use.

Sheer, Silk, Satin

Sheer & semi-sheer fabrics alone or combined with high sheen satin add luxury to trade show stands, event decoration, and performances.

Painted & Printed Backdrops

Colourful designs on fabric create totally personalized concepts at events, performances, or venue decoration.

Molding Cloth

AluShape: The latest innovation in 3D. Create natural backdrops, stage scenery and props in no time and without making a mess.

Projection Screens

We have an extensive selection of high quality flame retardant ( FR ) PVC projection screens for seamless front and rear projection.

Exhibition & Display Fabric

From low budget to luxury, these display fabrics set the stage for rock 'n' roll or a night on the town.

Temporary wall & backdrop systems

Our own EasyDrape is a user friendly curtain mounting system that goes where no pipe & drape has gone before.

Stretch Fabric & Truss Cover

Three dimensional shapes, stretch ceilings, and an amazing solution for the age old truss problem.

String Curtains

These elegant curtains can work as room dividers in venues, projection surfaces, and trade show drapes.

Metallic Fabric

Metallic colours added to dance floors, velvets, foils, and sheer or satin curtains pump up the shine of venues and stages

Glassless Mirrors

Mirror foil in a variety of weights and finishes for amazing reflections. Lightweight and custom made to any size.

Foils & Inflatables

For the most imaginative concepts and specialist drapes. From custom printed inflatable spheres to glow in the dark fabric.

Curtain Track & Motion Control

The latest technology in curtain motion systems, tracks for every weight of drape, Kabuki drops and roll ups.

Stage Curtain Accessories

ShowTex presents a collection of velcro, ribbons, weights, tassels, hooks, rings, tape, and more for stage and event production.

Dance Floors, Event Flooring

From budget friendly temporary flooring to permanent floors for dance, performing arts, display, and entertainment.

Flexible Fire Curtains

A new generation of safety in fire curtains. This automatic system to close wall openings achieves the protection target of integrity.