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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

The Sessions: projection screens and roll-up systems in action
The Sessions
A Live re-staging of The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios
AluShape molding cloth
Lachaert & d’hanis’ first stage design for The Print Room Dance Company featuring AluShape
SolidNature - mesh & velours
Combining natural stone with soft textiles by ShowTex
Mother of the Nation show
A stage full of ShowTex fabrics and tracks
Ellie Goulding
a creative set featuring flexible and decorative fabrics by ShowTex
Huawei Matebook launch
ShowTex Spain omnipresent during HUAWEI MateBook launch
flame-retardant fabrics
Poppodium 013
revamped with flexible and acoustic solutions by ShowTex
World Air Games - projection screen
World Air Games
a giant projection screen and a massive inflatable sphere
hand-painted fabric - cyclorama
The Black Box Revelation
a unique cyclorama hand-painted with UV paint
Fiëstas 2016 - stretch fabric
Fiëstas 2016
ShowTex South Africa showed through in every season during ‘Fiëstas 2016’
Hong Kong fashion week 2016
over 200 m of AV Drop up to 6 m high
The Mediocre Man - foil
The Mediocre Man
different strips of ClearScreen Frost as multifunctional backdrop
Vevo Halloween
Pulling up a gigantic screen in Venetian style with an 18 m wide roll-up system
UABBHK Exhibition
A mesmerising transparent mirror and projection screen setup 
Du CEO Forum
Transforming the stage into a massive layered projection surface
Brussels Expo
PRG refurbishes Brussels Expo with drapes, screens and rails by ShowTex
a giant screen, an impressive backdrop & custom-made wings
Canon – Rediscover Imaging
Large-scale custom-curved FP Blackout projection screen
300 years of Martell
FP Blackout screens by ShowTex create impressive projection hallway
Opera Trøndelag
An enormous Danish flag in DekoTaft by ShowTex
Empire Noir
Impressive set design featuring StretchTulle & Molton by ShowTex
(un)curtain office
A flexible working space seperated by a curtain system by ShowTex
Saiyah #2 by Yoko Seyama
kinetic light sculpture featuring ShowTex GiantMirror
As Big As The Sky
An impressive dome in StretchTulle for Ai Weiwei
Empathy for Khojaly
Explosive room-filling 3D mapping effects on Cyclo 200
The Pearl Fisher features a circular projection screen by ShowTex
The Pearl Fishers
impressive play with light during opera performance
The Hong Kong Ballet
Elegant string curtains instead of traditional black stage legs

Innovative products and services for theatre and event professionals around the world.

An extensive range of stage and event a fabrics, tested according to international accepted standards.

The world's largest front, rear and twin projection screens, welded to measure in our in-house workshop.

Custom designs on fabric create totally personalized concepts at events, venues, and stage performances.

The latest technology in motion control, tracks for every weight of drape, stage accessories and reveal systems.

Our branches around the world offer a wide range of skills to assist you at every stage of your project.