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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

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Velours Transsonic CS Print

A unique printed velvet!


This extremely light-weight sheer fabric is ideal for creating stylish floating effects.

Acoustic Sheer CS is a translucent and yet acoustic fabric that absorbs sound while still letting

Acoustic Divider

This free-standing and mobile cart is an extension of the Acoustic Panel.


Super soft Molton masking fabric with double-sided pile.

Inflatable Wool

With its special coating, our Wool Serge Panne is now airtight!

Venetia Axis Module

Especially designed for Venetian and Austrian openings, Roman Blind systems and partition curtains.

EasyDrape Front of House

The EasyDrape Front of House (FOH) is especially designed to mask a front of house or a stage.

ShowTex AutoReveal 600 reveal system

Reveal bigger items the size of a van or a small truck with the XL AutoReveal system.

Solin - stage floor

Solin is a durable cotton canvas for stage floor cloths.

HiSpeed RollScreen 3000

Medium-size, easy to install, budget-friendly, fixed-speed roller system.

SpiderNet - stage net

Decorative stage net, great for lighting and shadow effects.

PepperScrim - Hologram scrim

Highly transparent and extra wide metallic scrim for large scale hologram effects.

Velours Delta - stage velvet

Extra-wide and medium-weight synthetic stage velvet.

Velours Zeus CS - flame retardant stage velvet

Extra-heavyweight synthetic stage velvet. Permanently Flame Retardant.


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