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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Kabuki drops velvet stage fabrics to switch the scene
Collapsing Spinnaker creates impressive backdrop
Versatile curtain drops for diffr

Breathtaking Kabuki curtain drop at Teatro Real

Madrid, Spain
июль 2024

How do you open an opera in a memorable way? That is exactly what Numen/For Use thought when designing the set for Rigoletto. Why not drop a massive stage velvet with a Kabuki system, while a giant air-filled fabric underneath slowly deflates. Wow!

Velvet & curtain drops: a showstopping duo

When designing a set for your performance, the ultimate goal is to grab the audience’s attention from the very start. How about a curtain drop to kick off your show?

As the prelude intensifies, what appears to be a traditional theatre main drape suddenly drops in front of the audience. Surprisingly, the rather heavy velour turns into an airy fabric cube that dramatically deflates, revealing a whole new décor.

And as if a showstopping starter wasn’t enough, the next act is filled with even more reveal surprises. Another large velvet drape shapes the scene and unexpectedly splits into nine stage legs. As they drop down one after the other, they unveil a cave-like setup. Speaking of versatile reveal solutions!

Theatre red velour: flexible set design

During the entire performance, red velvet takes center stage and creates a multi-functional set. The velour legs not only drop gracefully but also move dynamically around on stage. Whether functioning as a proscenium curtain, a glamorous backdrop, or even flat on the floor, the richly coloured fabric instantly enhances the scenes.

In the final act, the nine stage legs spread towards the depth of the stage, creating the illusion of a grand hypostyle hall full of pillars. Then, they suddenly start to twist and turn, transforming the static scene into a chaotic and jungle-like one. What a way to set the mood!

Curious how to transform your next show into an unforgettable experience? Try combining stage fabrics with innovative drop systems by ShowTex for stunning effects!

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Teatro Real Technical and Production Department
Teatro Real
Set design: Sven Jonke (Numen / For Use) and Ivana Jonke, light design: Juan Gómez-Cornejo