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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Terhal: prints & projection on stage fabrics by ShowTex
Terhal: prints & projection on stage fabrics by ShowTex
Terhal: prints & projection on stage fabrics by ShowTex

Terhal: prints & projection on stage fabrics

Riyadh, KSA
февраль 2024

Imagine a breathtaking show filled with printed backdrops, projection on various materials and whirling silk. That is Terhal by Dragone.

Sheers stir curiosity

Twenty pieces of Voile CS measuring 23 by 3 meters instantly capture the attention of the audience as the show starts. Suspended from the ceiling, the sheers form a circular, rotating centrepiece that builds up tension in the room. Expressions of amazement sound as the voile strips whirl down, revealing a unique ceiling décor consisting of 60 pieces of BannerDrape.

And this is only the beginning of the dynamic spectacle.


Projection on fabric

Instantly, it becomes clear the show has much more in store for its spectators, as a feast of projections splashes onto the translucent fabric. The flame-retardant sheers roll up and down throughout the show, forming a dynamic set piece that moves every spectator.

But the centrepiece isn’t the only thing capturing the great colours of the projection. On stage, a whopping 1.200 sqm of DekoTaft serves as a floor projection surface. By moving the decorative cloth up and down, performers create waves and movements that are perfectly in sync with the changing visuals projected onto the fabric. From sand dunes to rivers and fields of green, the decorative taffeta can easily transform into any scene you want.


Printed backdrop sets the scene

Speaking of XL fabrics, at the back of the stage, an extra-wide Cyclo 200 CS cloth sets the scene for multiple acts. Printed wrinkles on the cyc fabric create the visual effect of sandy dunes and add the finishing touch to the stage scenography.


Silky stage props

But the icing on the cake? Definitely the aerial production called “Flying page”, where a huge lightweight silky cloth dances and whirls around an actor performing mid-air. The effect is attained by 4 performers, one in every corner of the silk, controlling the lightweight fabric with rope and pulleys. Highly creative!

The acrobats, scenographers and light designers brought a show to life honouring the culture and history of KSA in a way that will surely be remembered. And the ShowTex fabrics? They were all around to add the necessary finishing touches.


Want to immerse your audience in your next performance?

Get creative with projection on fabric