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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Backlit projection materials: light diffusing décor for onboard cabaret spectacle
PVC diffuser fabric: backlit retro-projection screen

Light-diffusing décor for onboard cabaret spectacle

февраль 2024

Welcome aboard P&O Cruises, where backlit fabrics mounted in circular shapes set the mood on stage of the cruise line’s latest cabaret show. Sit back, relax and enjoy Blanc de Blanc Uncorked!

Backlit diffuser screen fabric

An evening filled with Parisian-inspired cabaret asks for a colourful show design. No better way than to opt for light-diffusing RP Fusion screens to submerge the stage in glows of colour. By mounting the twin projection material in no less than 51 circular set pieces of various sizes, a unique, light-diffusing décor is created to match the fun-filled spectacle. Backlighting the diffuser fabric results in splashes of colour all over the stage. Glamour ensured!

This set design illustrates RP Fusion can be more than just a retro-projection screen. It’s a multifunctional fabric, ideal for any light-induced project.

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Project credits: Stagekings Pty. Ltd , P&O Cruise


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Stagekings Pty. Ltd , P&O Cruise