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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Theatre red Velours Delta dresses up U Venue Theatre
Red stage velvets dress up U Venue Theatre

Stage velvets complete theatre venue

Doha, Qatar
январь 2024

Welcome to Qatar's premier luxury venue for live performances, where countless meters of extra-wide stage velvet define the luscious look of the theatre.

As soon as you set foot inside the brand-new U Events facility, the sight of hundreds of meters of striking Velours Delta brings to life an atmosphere of luxury, creativity and endless possibilities. Known to be super versatile, the flame-retardant velvet is a great choice for a multipurpose performance space like this.

Red velvet for venue branding

From floors to lights and seating area, you can’t miss the colour theme in this striking red theatre. Needless to all say the drapes had to match that exact shade of red to complete the venue’s classy branding. The perfect fit? Velours Delta in theatre red! From the main entrance to the theatre stage, VIP skybox, swag border and wall curtains, the striking red drapes luxuriously dress all key focal points of the location.

Combined with a motorized ChainTrack system for the centre opening of the grand drape, the theatre’s stage-design goals are definitely met!

All-round budget-friendly stage velvet

Velours Delta is more than just a pretty face. Its acoustic qualities and unique structure take any theatrical experience up a notch. The permanently flame-retardant velours is extra wide, totally opaque, wrinkle-resistant yet cost-effective, making it the most durable and versatile velvet around. On and off stage, as the light-masking fabric is a backstage wizard as well that effortlessly conceals every inch of your set.

Looking for a versatile stage velvet to make your theatre look and sound good?

Learn all about Velours Delta


Client: LaLuna for wedding events planner trading
Production & Set design: U Group
Pictures/Video copyright: U Events / U group

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